Reasons To Choose A New Dyson DC65 Vacuum Cleaner

Searching for a brand-new vacuum cleaner is sometimes an ordeal. There are so many brands available, it’s difficult to choose the best one.

Depending upon how much carpet that you actually have in your home, you may need to get a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that can handle all of the cleaning that must be accomplished.

Here are a few tips on choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your house, and why you should choose a Dyson DC65 vacuum cleaner above all the others.

Qualities Of A Good Vacuum Cleaner

If you really want to get the best vacuum cleaner, you’re going to have to choose one that has several other features. If you prefer ones that do not have bags, you can choose one that has a bagless component where you can empty the dirt once you have completed vacuuming your house.

It should have an extension where you can easily clean the staircase if you have a two-story home. It should also have the ability to do either carpets or hard floors as most homes today have carpet and tile.My floors are tiles in my gym where I use my Bowflex dumbbells.

Let’s now look at the vacuum that you should most certainly choose for your home today.

Reasons To Choose A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most prominent names in vacuum cleaners is Dyson. They are extremely durable and versatile vacuum cleaner that has all of the aforementioned components and more. You can also find excellent deals on Dyson vacuum cleaners at stores in your area, and most definitely on the Internet.

You can sometimes get exceptional savings on a new purchase of a Dyson, depending upon the make and model that you choose. If you truly want to thoroughly clean your carpets, not to mention your hardwood or tile floors, these vacuum cleaners will definitely not disappoint.

Which is the best? Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Vs Animal Complete

Which Dyson DC65 To Choose

The Three Biggest Mistakes When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

There’s a lot to plan in any wedding in Northern Ireland, and it can get a bit overwhelming. It might be tempting to take the first recommendation you get for a wedding photographer in Belfast and be done with it. However, make sure you aren’t making a mistake that will cost you.

Read on for the three most common mistakes couples make when ordering wedding photography packages in Northern Ireland.

Choosing An Annoying Belfast Photographer

As important as it is to choose a skilled photographer with an impressive portfolio, it’s important not to overlook the personal aspect. Keep in mind that you are essentially inviting your photographer to your wedding, not only as a guest, but to boss people around!

This is strictly a personal issue. Even if someone you know had a great time with a photographer, sometimes certain people just rub each other the wrong way. If a photographer strikes you as abrasive, controlling, or annoying, then keep looking. A photographer who cracks bad jokes and orders people around can have a big negative impact on a wedding celebration, even if the prints are great!



Prioritizing More Physical Products Over Better Pictures

Planning a wedding on a budget is tough, and the cost of the pictures is going to be a big part of that. Wedding photography can be expensive, and a big part of that cost can be from printed photos, albums, and other physical records of your wedding day. However, the quality and quantity of these amenities should be hugely secondary to getting good photos in the first place!

Settling for a second rate photographer in order to be able to afford several physical albums is a mistake. Any wedding photographer in Northern Ireland will provide you with digital versions of their photos, which means that you can print them out later for a fraction of the cost. Getting a nice bound album from the original photographer is not important compared to getting quality photos.

If your budget is tight, forget about physical prints at all for a while! When your wallet has recovered from the wedding, you’ll be able to go to a print shop with the digital copies and get whatever fancy wedding memorabilia that you wanted initially, and probably at a lower cost than the photographer would charge. Spend your entire photography budget on a talented photographer.

Expecting Amazing Photos From Amateur Photographers

It’s a common mistake to hire someone you know, maybe a photography student in the family, to take wedding photos and expect stunning results. It is nice to throw a bone to an aspiring professional, but keep in mind that this is your one wedding day, and you may not get what you want from somebody who is inexperienced.

Professional photographers in Northern Ireland with years of experience charge more for a reason. The general rule of thumb, as in most things, is that you get what you pay for in wedding photography. Hire a professional if you want to be sure to have pictures that you can smile at in twenty years.

Three Great Dumbbell Exercises To Help Flatten Your Stomach

In the fight against fat one of the best weapons in your arsenal can be a dumbbell, or two. They are inexpensive and available at most department stores. There are a lot of great exercises that a person can do with dumbbells to work on many different isolated muscles in the arms, legs, and back, however today we’ll go over some exercises that can be done with dumbbells that are all geared towards flattening the stomach. And of course, using the dumbbells should accelerate your progress because of the resistance they give. Let’s take a look at some great exercises just for that purpose.

First let’s take a look at an exercise called the dumbbell step up. In this exercise, you stand on top of a 20 inch bench with a dumbbell in each hand, make sure they’re not too heavy, then you step down from the bench with alternating legs. Try to do 10 reps take a short break in between and do at least three sets.

Another great exercise that helps strengthen stomach and back muscles as well as leg muscles at the same time, is dumbbell squat presses. In this exercise you hold your SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells out in front of your shoulders then, while squatting down, you lift the dumbbells over your head, then on the way back up you bring them back to the shoulders, it’s a four step move. Try this while maintaining good posture, as that is important in the long run in helping to flatten your stomach.

And finally let’s take a look at the dumbbell lunge. This is where you take the two Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells and push them out in front of you at arm’s-length, then you lunge forward on 1 foot to the point where he hip his level with the ground, your knees should not extend forward of your toes.   Return back to the upright position, then do another one until you done 10.

There you have it, three great exercises to flatten your stomach that you can do with dumbbells, when it comes to exercise equipment dumbbells are one of the most available, and inexpensive pieces of equipment you can buy. And, the extra resistance they give you accelerates your whole workout. If you want a more full body workout then maybe try a home gym. Find the reviews at

You can find out more about dumbbells through Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo and Twitter and this video link

Belfast Music – Musical Tours, Festivals, Events And Great Venues

The Belfast music scene caters for all musical tastes including rock, classical and dance and has some first class venues such as the Grand Opera House, Waterfront Hall, Empire Music Hall, Limelight, Spring & Airbrake and the Odyssey Arena.

You can tell that Belfast’s rich musical heritage is evident everywhere you go in the city and there are many watering holes around the city centre that allow you to witness some great local music for yourself. To celebrate this great heritage of fine music, the city has put on a music festival.

Every year, County Antrim, Northern Ireland plays host to the Belfast music festival. There are many different people and companies involved with the running of the event including Belfast City Council, Arts Council, Oh Yeah Music Centre and Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

With over 100 musical events to showcase new artists, live bands, Dj’s and songwriters and some of the best wedding bands in Northern Ireland, this is a major festival which attracts visitors to this Ulster city from all over the world. Checkout if you are looking for a great selection of bands.

Northern Ireland has produced some fine musicians, artists and bands such as The Undertones, Phil Coulter, Snow Patrol,, Van Morrison and let’s not forget Nadine from Girls Aloud and D:Ream.

Van Morrison


Belfast, just like Dublin, welcomes you with open arms and as one of the friendliest cities in Ireland as well as Europe, it has just received the well earned status of the place to visit. It has recently undergone a period of major re-generation and is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world to come and experience its diverse and historic culture.

Belfast Music Tour

Belfast has its own music bus tour starting at the Ulster Hall, Bedford Street and finishing at the home of the Belfast Music Exhibition, the Oh Year Music Centre in the Cathedral Quarter of the city. During the tour you can relax and enjoy the tunes of Van Morrison as well as some other musical genres such as punk rock, folk and traditional, soundtracks and some serious guitar playing. You will also find out about inspirations such as Gary Moore, Stiff Little Fingers and Ruby Murray.

Welcome To Northern Ireland – So Much To See And Do

Northern Ireland has it all, sports, events, shopping, great days out, but one of the best things I like about this friendly and cultured province is the beautiful scenery…it’s so green and luscious.

Hi, I’m your friendly travel and tourism guide. You’ll see what I mean about the scenery when you discover Northern Ireland.

The rest of the province is also extremely interesting with many great attractions and a fabulous place to come for an exciting holiday or vacation. More about that later! So…What would you like to know about my country?

The currency used here is the pound sterling or ‘£stg’. Some places accept the Euro, which is the currency that is used in the Republic of Ireland and the rest of Europe. The population is around 1.75 million for 2008.

The weather here is varied so you might want to checkout Sunbed hire Belfast. Regular rainy spells, provide a blanket of green creating the exceptional scenery. On warm sunny days in the summer the temperature can rise to around 25 degrees Celsius. The winter is usually wet and mild with temperatures staying just above freezing, mostly around 4 degrees Celsius. You can always learn to drive in the snow at Driving Lessons Belfast.

Need Belfast Airport Parking? – If you require Belfast International airport parking, why not browse through BCP’s Belfast airport parking packages as they are sure to have a deal that suits you.


Northern Ireland Attractions

There are so many great attractions to choose from…

…to name but a few! There’s so much useful information about these attractions in my Travel guide and you can find out more about them at Northern Ireland Attractions.

The main attractions this country has to offer are divided nicely into the six counties. You’ll love it! Everything you need to discover this beautiful country at your finger tips.

If you’re visiting Belfast, don’t miss out on the opportunity to add your name to a piece of history by signing the peace wall. Take a Black taxi tour with Belfast Cab Tours and their friendly tour guide, see the World Famous Wall Murals of West Belfast and find out lot’s more about the political and historical background of this famous city!

The beautiful picture below was taken at the Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim. Probably one of the best and most unique attractions in the world! And now for something that goes hand-in-hand with the great attractions in the province is the

Northern Ireland Entertainment

What do you do when you are not sight-seeing? You might want to try something different and out of the ordinary when you are away on holiday.

What about relaxing in a spa, fishing, taking in a round of golf or even just a leisurely stroll in a beautiful forest park?

Whatever your interests are, I’m sure that you’ll find something exciting and fun to do while enjoying your stay. Earlier, I mentioned a little about holidays.

A comprehensive list of places you can stay, whilst travelling in the ‘six counties’, can be found in my hotel guides for each county.

I have even included a special listing for Belfast Hotels, which you can see here.

They’re packed full to the brim with hotels for every budget all sorted by star rating.

Whether you’re interested in a short break or luxurious extended Northern Irish vacation, look no further. Compare hotels in Northern Ireland to find yourself the best deal.

Part of the fun of travel is staying in unusual types of accommodation. In Ireland you can find everything from local inns to timeshares in centuries-old castles and transformed country estates.

Northern Ireland Food and Drink

What else can I tell you in my Northern Ireland Travel Guide?

Well…probably one of the most important parts of any trip…the Food and Drink. After all, you’ve been out all day sight-seeing. You’ll need some refreshment.

Some of the nicest places to have food here are local pubs and restaurants in the towns and cities you are visiting.

Hotels also offer a tasty selection of food too, especially if they are by the sea. You can taste all the local seafood and fine wine.


One of my favourite places to eat is the Causeway Hotel at the Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim. After an exhilarating walk around the causeway and taking in, the appetite building, fresh, sea air, you get a great meal here.

Wash it down with a cold pint of Guinness!

Recently I tried a new beer that has come to Northern Ireland. It’s full title is Peroni Nastro Azzurro, but most people know it as just Peroni. This beer was an instant hit with me. It’s all I drink at present when I go out anywhere.

It has a really nice mediterranean flavour to it that reminds me of being on holiday. I normally drink Coors Light, but this beer has a totally refreshing taste.

The first time I came across this beer was last week when I went out for Pizza. My wife and I found a great little Italian restaurant on Botanic Ave called Carlito’s (Use the search bar above to find website) whom are a client of my Belfast SEO services at Let’ I saw someone with the Peroni as I was going in and decided to try one. It was on draught and came in a tall, frosted pint glass. Great looking and great flavour. Totally recommended!

Northern Ireland Transport

Apart from the places to see, things to do, eating out, etc. I haven’t told you how you are going to be getting around these beautiful sites. My excellent transport guide presents many different ways to get around these top tourist attractions.

You can tour by bus, hire car, train or even walk. It’s up to you. Learn more about these various methods in the getting around guide. Incidentally, if you are hiring a car, make sure you have car insurance.

Last, but not least, is another important point to note when planning your trip to Northern Ireland. Don’t forget to book your travel insurance. Annual travel insurance is often the best value. Don’t let something trivial like losing your suitcase or baggage ruin your trip.

Take advantage of competitive prices and comprehensive cover from a good holiday insurance provider before you travel.