Belfast Music – Musical Tours, Festivals, Events And Great Venues

The Belfast music scene caters for all musical tastes including rock, classical and dance and has some first class venues such as the Grand Opera House, Waterfront Hall, Empire Music Hall, Limelight, Spring & Airbrake and the Odyssey Arena.

You can tell that Belfast’s rich musical heritage is evident everywhere you go in the city and there are many watering holes around the city centre that allow you to witness some great local music for yourself. To celebrate this great heritage of fine music, the city has put on a music festival.

Every year, County Antrim, Northern Ireland plays host to the Belfast music festival. There are many different people and companies involved with the running of the event including Belfast City Council, Arts Council, Oh Yeah Music Centre and Northern Ireland Tourist Board.

With over 100 musical events to showcase new artists, live bands, Dj’s and songwriters and some of the best wedding bands in Northern Ireland, this is a major festival which attracts visitors to this Ulster city from all over the world. Checkout if you are looking for a great selection of bands.

Northern Ireland has produced some fine musicians, artists and bands such as The Undertones, Phil Coulter, Snow Patrol,, Van Morrison and let’s not forget Nadine from Girls Aloud and D:Ream.

Van Morrison


Belfast, just like Dublin, welcomes you with open arms and as one of the friendliest cities in Ireland as well as Europe, it has just received the well earned status of the place to visit. It has recently undergone a period of major re-generation and is ready to welcome tourists from all over the world to come and experience its diverse and historic culture.

Belfast Music Tour

Belfast has its own music bus tour starting at the Ulster Hall, Bedford Street and finishing at the home of the Belfast Music Exhibition, the Oh Year Music Centre in the Cathedral Quarter of the city. During the tour you can relax and enjoy the tunes of Van Morrison as well as some other musical genres such as punk rock, folk and traditional, soundtracks and some serious guitar playing. You will also find out about inspirations such as Gary Moore, Stiff Little Fingers and Ruby Murray.